Valves regulate, direct or control the flow of fluids (gases, liquids or slurries) by opening or closing. Valve applications are used in all major industries such Mining Plants Pulp and Pater mills, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical Plants. All of our valve products are offered in standard commercial ASTM and ANSI. Valve body materials are stocked from Carbon steel, Stainless, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze and Special Alloys.
Manual Valve Products
Quarter Turn Valve Products:
Ball, Butterfly, Plug Valves
Gate, Globe and Check Valves
Bellows Seal Valves
Coker Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Flow Control Valves
HF Acid Valves
Relief Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Specialty Products (Sampling Valves, Tank, Bottom, Specialty Valves)
Washdown / Water Mixing Products
Automation & Control Products
API 6D and 6A Pipeline Valves
Body materials stocked: Alloy 20, Aluminum Bronze, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, F5, F9, F11/F22, F91, Hastelloy C, Inconel, LF2, LCB, LCC, Monel, Stainless Steel (316, 304, 304H, 347), WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A

Special Trims routinely stocked: 316 Stainless, Alloy 20, Bronze, Monel, NACE, and Full Stellite

Carbon and Stainless Bonnet Gate

Size: 2″ – 52″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless Pressure Gates

Size: 2″ – 52″
Class: 600lbs – 2500lbs

Cast Steel Conduit Slap and Expanding Gates

Size: 2″ – 48″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless Bolted B Cover Swing Checks

Size: 2″ – 52″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless Bolted Cover Full Port Swing Checks

Size: 2″ – 52″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless Pressure Seal Checks

Size: 2″ – 24″
Class: 600lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless Bonnet Gate

Size: 2″ – 52″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Choke Valves

Pressure Rating (ASME): 150LB – 2500LB and 2000 API 6B, 3000 API 6B & 5ooo API 6B
Connection Type: Threaded, RF and RTJ

Forged Steel Gates

Wafer Size: 1/2″ – 84″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs
Lug Size: 2″ – 36″
Class: 150lbs – 900lbs

Forged Steel Globes

Size: 3/8″ – 2″
Class: 800lbs – 2500lbs

Forged Steel Piston Check

Size: 3/8″ – 2″
Class: 800lbs – 2500lbs

Cast Steel Lubricated Plugs

Size: 1/4′ – 24″
Class: 150lbs – 1500lbs

Cast Steel Dual Seal Expanding Plugs

Size: 2″ – 24″
Class: 150lbs – 900lbs

Carbon and Stainless Ball Valves

Size: 1/4″ – 4″
Class: 800lbs, 1000lbs, 2000lbs, 3000lbs, 6000lbs
End: Socket Weld, Threaded

Carbon and Stainless Flanged Floating Ball

Size: 1/2″ – 10″
Class: 150lbs – 300lbs

Forged Steel Swing Checks

Size: 3/8″ – 2″
Class: 800lbs – 2500lbs

Carbon and Stainless 3-Piece Trunnion Ball – API 6A

Size: 2-1/16″ – 13-5/8″
Pressure: 2000, 3000, 5000

Carbon and Stainless 3-Piece Trunnion Ball – API 6D

Size: 2″ – 48″
Class: 150lbs – 2500lbs

Knife Gate Valve

Body: Ductil, Iron, Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel and Special Alloy
Seats: Metal, EPDM, Nitrile, PTFE, Viton and Urethane Liner
Size: 2″ – 36″

Pinch Valve

Type: Air Operated, Manual and Control
Design: Open and Close Frame
Size: 1″ – 24″

Needle Valve

Seat: Hard and Soft
Design: Shut Off and Regulating
Port: Multiport
Pressure: 1000lbs, 6000lbs
End: Threaded, Socket Weld, Compression

Diaphram Valve

Body: Cast Iron, Ductil Iron, 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Screwed-End Flanged
Liner: Tefzel, PFA, Kynar, Halar, Glass, Polypropylene, Hard Rubber, Soft Natural Rubber, Hypalon, Butyl, Neopreme, PVC
Size: 1/2″ – 12″

UL/FM Fire Protection Valves

Pressure: 300psi
Size: 2-1/2″ – 20″
End: Flanged X Flanged, Grove X Groove

AWWA C-515 Valves

Pressure: 250psi
End: Flanged X Flanged, M.J X M.J
Approved: UL/FM, NSF

Fire Hydrant

Type: Dry Barrel, AWWA C-502
Pressure: 250psi
Approved: UL/FM


Material: PVC, CPVC, PVDF
Types: Ball, Butterfly, Diaphram, Gate, Swing Check, Globe
Connection: Socket Weld, Threaded, Flanged

Butterfly Valve

Body: Cast, Ductil, Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys
Seat: EPDM, Buna, Viton, Teflon, Metal, Teflon Encapsulated Disc and Liner
Design: Ecentric, Double Ecentric, Tripple Ecentric
Pressure: 125lbs, 150lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs
Size: 2″ – 72″

Line Valves

Types: Butterfly, Plug, Ball, Check, Strainer, Sight Glass
Body Material: Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel
Design: Non-Lubricated
Size: 1″ – 24″
End: Flanged, Threaded, Multiport

API 607 Fire Safe Ball Valve

Body: A105, LF2
Ball: 316 Stainless Steel
Seat: Peek
Size: 1/4″ – 2″
Class: 1500lbs (3000psi), 2500lbs (6000psi)
End: Extended Socket Weld, X Socket Weld, Socket Weld X Thread, Thread X Thread

Relief and Safety Valve

Size: 1/4″ – 6″
Body Materials: Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum
Connections: NPT, Flanged
Pressure Ranging: ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500
Service Types: Gas, Vapor, Liquid, Gas or Liquid thermal relief and Steam